The Mataranka Springs

The Mataranka Springs

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Welcome Readers!

Over the past two years I have wound back to rest up after what seems like a lifetime of travel all over our beautiful country listing and selling businesses.

I have seen places few would venture to go, remote desert areas in South Australia, the Kimberly Ranges, Northern Territory and the vast deserts in WA, I look back at my travels and wonder how the hell I did what I did then, no fear of the unknown, off I would go my trusty Mitsubishi Verada, short shirts and stockings, nothing phased me.

Wow, how the times have changed! Now we are living in uncertain times, that’s for sure, but the passion inside a true business person remains the same, you’re a leader or you’re a follower. It’s true businesses have taken a fall in recent times, but those who choose to lead and take the reins with a passion to succeed no matter what problems they face will lead and succeed again!

For all you business minded people out their don’t give up! There is a old saying I would use in my ads often – “He who Hesitates is Lost.“

One of my memories I will never forget, and still chuckle when I think back: I had arrived in Mataranka Some hours from Darwin, a stinking hot day. My last vendor had told me about the Mataranka springs, how beautiful and soothing they were on a hot day.

As my drive was exhausting I was determined to bathe in these springs! So I arrived later that day, and while floating around the springs I saw a ranger looking around the shores. “What a beautiful day!” I called out to him.

“Yes!” he said. “Gee you’re game! I just pulled a heap of spawning crocs out of the springs right near where you are right now!”

Shocked, I said “Have you ever found any bodies?”

“No,” he said, “but I have found a lot of thongs!”

Crikey!!! Jesus Christ had nothing on me, I walked on water that day! 😆😆😆😆
Stay safe my friends, till next time 😷 Cathryn