This month's travel adventures

1 Jul 2014 10:49 AM - from around Australia

Hi Readers,

My Best business of the month is the magnificent snow resort listed in Victoria. A dream buy for an entrepreneur or consortium of ski enthusiasts.

The sale includes a terrific lodge, amazing wine bar and rented apartments.  What a great purchase for a couple of doctors, solicitors or accountants who want to have fun in the snow for 3-4 months of the year. Get a great return and rest up till the snow falls again. My vendor would even look at a partnership or joint venture; he just loves this life but is now retiring and looking to travel.

Last month I travelled to Tasmania to inspect one of our impressive caravan parks, a Big4 independently owned by 2 of the nicest people you will ever meet.  They migrated from Victoria some years ago and fell in love with the area, as they tell the tale it was love at first sight.  it’s  in the beautiful K

elso area a short drive from  Beaconsfield . The country side as always looks great  driving through it gives you a feeling of relaxation and calmness as you take in the beautiful countryside and fauna that Tassie has to offer. The Park  has  it all  and  is set up especially for  families, it’s a nature loving haven with Kangaroos, Tassie devils, wombats , beautiful birdlife and lots of other native animals. If you’re looking to take the kids into a safe and friendly environment then this is the park for you!  I was amazed to see the Tassie devils raring their heads to feed at night, along with the wombats that have no doubt been the care takers of the park for some time. The park has cabins, caravans, beautiful fresh water, a lovely pool, a huge jumping castle for these kids, quad bikes, etc. etc. but the real feature here is that it is located right on the water’s edge.

For the smart investor or builder handy man the big big advantage is this is the one caravan park  you can walk straight into and build another 10-20 cabins with no height restrictions, the pool area  would make a delightful theme park  we are talking 30 acres  here to develop and increase  your turnover and  profits !  What a buy !!  The park operates September to June  so those buyers who are looking to relocate back to the mainland in Winter and spend the best days of summer at the park this is defiantly the  buy for you !!  Thanks to my hosts, Barbara and Bob for a great night! Call me buyers, have the lifestyle we all crave.

What’s happening out there?

Well it’s a crazy crazy year.  At one point that lasted around three weeks I though the world had come to a STOP all very quiet on budget time, of course this was discussion time with buyers unsure of the market.  The whole of Australia came to a screaming standstill but as soon as the budget was announced it was as if the tap was turned back on and we are screaming mad now with enquiries worldwide.  I myself am spending most of the days out of the office on inspections with genuine buyers looking at businesses in every state. There are so many redundancies about now, we’re seeing local buyers and top executive buyers are looking to buy into businesses that have proven sales and good profits.  Our statistics tell us the Chinese investors are still on the rise however slow to proceed the interest is there. Our Shanghai office is working hard to secure as many enquiries along with sales.

Brisbane is defiantly growing significantly. If you haven’t been to Brisbane airport for a while you’re in for a big shock. My goodness, its grown to the point that every week when I fly in to Brisbane I see something else completed.  There are new developments going up everywhere and it won’t be long before Brisbane joins with the gold coast and the sunshine coast. The new mono rail in surfer’s paradise is going to be a great hit with the tourists. The minister for roads should be congratulated on the road infrastructure, NSW roads could take a leaf out of their book there that’s for sure, yes QLD is on the rise again!  What better place to own a business, beautiful one day and better the next. Looking for warmer weather?  We have some great and profitable businesses in QLD, call us!  Some of our best transport businesses are in QLD. 

Stay tuned for the latest releases in development on the Brisbane foreshores!!

He who hesitates!!