February 2014

19 Feb 2014 10:04 AM -

Well, we are off to the start of a fantastic year, with February proving to bring significant interest from both vendors and buyers.  Throughout the efforts of an International team, our business advertisements have been circulated and translated within our wide network of Australasia, Europe, America and Asia. 

I am very proud to advise that the Chinese website is now fully operational, with business sales listings translated in full, effectively opening the market to Chinese investors. Due to the customary differences between our Asiatic Buyers and Australian Vendors, the transactional period can be a lengthier procession when compared to our intra-Australian transactions. Please be culturally aware and accepting if you are either taking part in or anticipating interest from our Chinese Buyers. What may seem untimely to you could be perceived as a rushed decision from your counterpart.

With our recent increase in interest from both vendors and buyers, I am pleased to welcome Ally (B.Bus- Major Mkting & Mgmt) to our team. Ally will be responsible for all media releases, web design and your web listings.

Our business is dedicated to you. Each day we are actively qualifying buyers in a bid to get your business SOLD!  As vendors, please ensure that you are keeping us up to date with your current financials so that we can showcase your business accurately and ensure that we are effective in qualifying your buyers.


Cathryn Austin


AusInternational Business Brokers

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