Boom Time in W.A

21 Aug 2014 4:10 PM - August 2014

Hi Readers,


Well, what a month of travel! From the slight downturn seen earlier this year, we are well and truly full steam ahead this month. First I was off to Western Australia with an inspection of a high return plastic piping business located on the west coast. What an impressive business, we currently have three contenders vying for this one as the profits are incredibly attractive.

From there we inspected an elegant day spa that we have listed; it won’t be long before the contracts go out on this one.

My best business of the month is one that I am very passionate about.  Looking as though it will go to contract is a great little newsagency in the beautiful Rockingham, located on an esplanade with waterfront views; it is such a desirable location! Tipped for huge development, the buyer on this will surely reap the rewards as it’s a booming business before the prospective water front developments are taken into consideration.

The lovely vendors of a lubricant business are just about to go to contract also, WA is booming at the moment. The roads, the housing, the people and the shopping are top notch with house prices topping the scales!! Why wouldn’t you move here!


Then I was off to South Australia with some terrific businesses most relating to the mining industry. They are all doing very well since the change of government. It’s amazing how the media tells us that businesses are suffering, well I can say that from my experience it looks as though businesses are doing very well in the current times.

South Australia is a beautiful state, the people are friendly and the countryside looks amazing. The housing market is nowhere as good as Perth but it is reasonable for a family making a good start in a friendly state.  


Lastly I headed to one of our more remote listings in the country town of Roma, QLD. I went to inspect a tilt truck business with good returns and high net profits. What really drew my attention was that the freehold is located on 75 acres of beautiful country. The vendor has created a retreat decked out with pinball machines, a bar, pool tables & vintage cars. It was a real treat! Boys never really grow up; their toys just get more expensive!

A sale is looking good on this one but hey! If you have a spare 5.5million and are looking for excellent returns, move in on this one.

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Cathryn Austin