Australia - China Business Week

1 Jul 2013 12:09 PM -

AUS International attends the inaugural Australia-China Business Week in Shanghai

In April 2013, Aus International participated in the hugely successful Australia-China Business Week in Shanghai. This important inaugural event was hosted by the Australian Business Forum and was sponsored by the National Bank and supported by Austrade.

Cathryn Austin, the licensee of Aus International and our representative at the event formed invaluable links on behalf of all our listers and associates with representatives of arguably the world’s most important market and the fastest growing economy.

Both the Chinese and Australian media reported favourably on the significance of the first of an exciting annual Australia-China Business Week event.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard attended Australia-China Business Week adding prestige and credibility to the event.

China’s official Xinhua news agency reported the two countries respective leaders met for talks, and further reported China and Australia publically agreed to foster a strategic partnership built upon mutual trust and mutual benefit. As was also reported in the Australian media, the two countries also pledged to build an annual meeting mechanism.

The event was to essentially realise the growing commercial links between Australia and China in practical terms. As a direct result of attending and participating in this event, Aus International listers and associates benefited both from the immediate exposure and will continue into the future to profit from the ongoing strategic relationships that were established.

The Australia-China Business Week event provided more than 500 delegates with a rare opportunity to connect with Chinese partners and to showcase Australian products, services, projects and investment opportunities to interested Chinese parties.

Importantly, the Australia-China Business Week was run as a bilingual and multi-faceted business-matching forum. This format was designed to connect Australian businesses with Chinese business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and the greater population in the most efficient manner possible.

The event also identified and reviewed the economic and business opportunities that exist between the two countries. Specific industries were highlighted and firsthand knowledge about how to maximise opportunities were shared by the many experts in attendance.

All Aus International listings were successfully presented in Mandarin to investors from all over China throughout the three-day event. Cathryn Austin also personally showcased Aus International listings to top Chinese government officials, migration lawyers, agents and the general Chinese public.

The event included six functions held in Shanghai, as well as a day trip to the major city of Hangzhou. In total there were 30 prominent speakers that delivered presentations both in English and Mandarin, covering a range of critical trade and commercial issues affecting enterprises of all sizes.

As immigration is also a top priority for Aus International listers, a strategic alliance was formed with Justin Rickard, Immigration Lawyers and Registered Migration Agents in Sydney, Shanghai and Vietnam. This new partner has over 26 years’ experience in immigration law and will prove to be an invaluable asset to assist migrants from China and other parts of the world looking to buy businesses listed with Aus International.

The event also focused on the Chinese culture, the legalities and the peculiarities of doing deals in China. An interpreter who presented all current Aus International listings in a Chinese format for the many attendees at the event accompanied Cathryn Austin for the entirety of the Australia-China Business Week.

The assigned interpreter was genuinely impressed by the number of interested parties that singled Cathryn Austin out expressing their interest in Australian investments in business, properties and the enviable Australian lifestyle. Cathryn Austin reported the cultural differences between the two cultures from her perspective, “It was a learning experience for me as our cultures in business are so different to the Chinese business ways,” explained Cathryn. “We are more eager and swift to make decisions, whereas the Chinese people are cautious, suspicious and conditioned to taking their time to be sure the deal is right,” Cathryn added. “The Chinese believe you make a friend first before embarking on business deals. Respect and loyalty between the two parties is a must when doing business with the Chinese.”

By better understanding these nuances in a practical and cooperative environment, cultural bridges were more easily crossed, forging greater understanding and opportunities. Aus International also engaged another associate in China on sales for the Business Skills Migration Scheme. The new representative will be presenting all listings to migrants coming to Australia, under the wide variety of schemes and sponsorships available.

A new interpreter, Janey Lee who resides in Shanghai was also appointed by Aus International. Janey will be our representative there for our onsite deals along with Cathy Lin who lives in Guangzhou. Cathy is now working with a large investment company, owned and directed by Johnson Zhou, who will also be one of our many executive investors.

Another of the direct results of the event’s success for Aus International, was a webmaster in Shanghai was engaged. By establishing a website in Mandarin, Aus International listers will benefit from ongoing exposure in this important market.

Many emails from investors, government bodies and potential buyers from China greeted Cathryn Austin when she arrived back to Australia. Cathryn expects a steady flow of enquiries to continue from the listings currently circulating China that originated from the many contacts she made at the event.

Following the hugely successful launch of the inaugural Australia-China Business Week in Shanghai, the forthcoming forums scheduled this year include June 19th in Melbourne, and August 29th, in Sydney. Both of these important forums will be attended by representatives of Aus International.

Aus International Business Brokers are members of the China Lunch Club, The Bow Tie Club, The Australian Business Forum and Canberra Press Club.