April 2015

10 Apr 2015 1:11 PM -

I Hope you all had a restful or profitable Easter, with interest  rates dropping we are seeing many more businesses at contract and a good steady stream of quality buyers, if you have an email advising you of a interested buyer  from us  it means we are dealing with a buyer who has registered  from your advertising.  We are processing or qualifying this buyer, however some buyers will fall out for many reasons;  as they just do not answer our calls or return emails. Here at Aus, we service every buyer  every day!


Our Chinese buyers are proving  to be our best buyers with South African buyers  moving in to second place, then relocating buyers moving state to state & corporate buyers a great asset.


Please be assured if I have not called you after we have registered a buyer don’t worry, sometimes it takes time  to get a result  but be sure  we will contact you as soon as we make further contact with this buyer.

We are happy to say hard work pays off,  our sales  have been a direct result of dedication to our vendors our statistics are proving  to show over 75% of businesses listed in any state have buyers looking at their business, not all proceed! It is a numbers game.  We are happy to announce many have gone to contract , and many more moving forward.


We at Aus International Business Brokers treat your business like it’s our own  we are dedicated to selling, we will be giving your  business 100% of our time, please be patient.


Please continue to send in all your up to date financials & plant and equipment list.
Help us to help you!


SOLD this month

Level Master ( QLD)

Best Western Apartments Management Rights (VIC)

Goolgowi Roadhouse (NSW )

Belvidere Meats (WA)


I hope I  will be calling on you soon with inspections or about a buyer.