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28 Apr 2014 1:21 PM - C.Austin travel & business diary

Welcome Readers.

             Well another year is rushing by!  At Aus. International it is booming business as usual. I am on the road constantly or on a plane ready to inspect with a buyer on one of our many businesses. Last week I had the pleasure of visiting one of our newsagent and gift stores located in the beautiful Rockingham, Western Australia. If you have not been to WA, you have not lived! It is the most beautiful part of our wide and vast Australia; Rockingham is a short drive from the centre of Perth and has the most magnificent beaches. The business is located on the esplanade, directly opposite the beach and beautiful parks. Our listings in WA are proving very popular with our significant investor scheme buyers coming in from China and abroad. We are relocating buyers from the East who are wanting that heavenly peaceful lifestyle surrounded by absolute beauty in the most organised city in Australia.

Mining towns are always of interest, with the rush of money coming into these towns investors are reaping the rewards.    

The Beef Industry!! Yes, that’s the main topic in the West, the Beef Industry! With the Chinese, Japanese and Middle East all clambering for those exports on our beef and dairy cattle.

While in WA I met with a prominent investor from the Middle East  looking to buy into our abattoirs  and feedlots. A very interesting day was had between our talks, my feelings are that the Middle East is concerned China will take hold of the industry pushing the prices up so they just cannot compete.

OK, over the other side of the country and still in the mining areas where the money is flowing freely and prices are going up, up and up! In far North Queensland awaiting the change in the carbon tax!!  We have just listed a 60 room motel in a magnificent mining town in Central QLD.  Now the word is out that a very prominent off shore mining company is coming to town and bringing over 400 workers with them. What a great time to buy a motel as they are all staying in the local motels for a year maybe more, Look it up on our site and give me a call, now this is an investors dream  and a 20 year lease to go with the business sale.

Calling on O/S DEVELOPERS! We have $7 million to $200 million development sites for sale some with DA all approved some you will land bank   they range from WA to Sydney to Brisbane  and the beautiful South Coast of NSW.  Once again look up  the site and give me a call.

Australia is where you want to be.  Why???? Well just ask any overseas buyer why they want to live here, it’s because it’s the land of the milk and honey!!!!

More news soon readers, please keep looking at our famous site!!!