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Hi Readers ,

Well the year is creeping along  the industry is slowing in some businesses  seeing a down turn while others are just booming , anything to do with wholesale manufacturing , export, import  luxury beauty therapy and day spas still  doing very well  and gaining good enquiries and interest feedlots, farms, and organic produce farms and businesses .

 we are seeing the China market slowing with the significant  business investment scheme being scrutinised by the Australian Government  with new laws now in force   with overseas investors having said that our last three sale were Chinese buyers already here in Australia with visas approved  and only one abroad as an investor .

 the biggest and best enquiries now is with executives paying out of there corporate jobs  and all out there looing at everything ,  these buyers are conditioned  to make big money  and some times fining businesses that meet there criteria is now easy for them , but the good news is they are buyers  Australian buyers who are keeping the wheels turning with there corporate approach on running a business .

We are still seeing out South African buyers coming through  and  Uropeans   also on the move not so many Americans  I am sorry to say .

in general  all businesses are doing well far better than any other countries .

All the best readers  will update you on more news soon

 Cathryn Austin

Principal/ Licensee

Government Incentives for Small Business Owners

19 May 2016 1:10 PM -

Government incentives for small business owners

Hi Readers,

Today we look at the incentives for small businesses, the time to buy is now! the Government is tipped to in...

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China's Latest News Articles

2 Apr 2016 2:55 AM -


Recent Australi...

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April 2015

10 Apr 2015 1:11 PM -

I Hope you all had a restful or profitable Easter, with interest rates dropping we are seeing many more businesses at contract and a good steady stream of quality buyers, if you have an email advising you of a interested buyer from us it ...

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Australia China Business Week

8 Sep 2014 3:38 PM - The Australian Business Forum 2014

It’s our largest trading partner, largest export market and greatest source of import, but there is still a lot the Australian business communi...

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Boom Time in W.A

21 Aug 2014 4:10 PM - August 2014

Hi Readers,


Well, what a month of travel! From the slight downturn seen earlier this year, we are well and truly full steam ahead this month. First I was off to Western Austral...

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An update from the Licensee

28 Apr 2014 1:21 PM - C.Austin travel & business diary

Welcome Readers.

Well another year is rushing by! At Aus. International it is booming business as usual. I am on the road constantly or on a plane ready to inspect with a buyer on one of our many businesses. Last wee...

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The most livable city in the world, Melbourne

20 Mar 2014 11:59 AM - EIU Global Livability Ranking

Find out why Melbourne is the most livable city in the world and why Australia reigns supreme over its 140 global competitors.

According to the Economist Intelligence Units (EIU) Global livability ranking, Melbourne has t...

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Shanghai Free Trade Zone Allows Offshore RMB Borrowing

28 Feb 2014 1:24 PM -

Welcome readers,

Please take the time to read this new release on the free trade talks.

Companies based in the Shanghai free trade zones will now be permitted to engage in off shore RMB borrowing and exam...

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February 2014

19 Feb 2014 10:04 AM -

Well, we are off to the start of a fantastic year, with February proving to bring significant interest from both vendors and buyers. Throughout the efforts of an International team, our business advertisements have been circulated and tran...

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January 2014

22 Jan 2014 2:59 PM -

Hi Readers,

2014 has started off well for us here at Aus International Business Brokers; we are seeing excellent enquiries on all of our businesses listed. Our Shanghai office and Gene Chow are powering over there, I h...

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Australia - China Business Week Gallery

1 Jul 2013 8:21 PM -

Cathryn Austin, the licensee of Aus International and our representative at the event formed invaluable links on behalf of all our listers and associates with representatives of arguably the world’s most important market and the fastes...

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Australia’s first Significant Investor Visa (SIV)

1 Jul 2013 12:35 PM - JUSTIN K. RICKARD

MR. JUSTIN RICKARD, principal lawyer and Chinese migration expert at, welcomes news of Australia’s first Significant Investor Visa (SIV) approval to a Chinese toy manufacturer and his young family spon...

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Australia - China Business Week

1 Jul 2013 12:09 PM -

AUS International attends the inaugural Australia-China Business Week in Shanghai

In April 2013, Aus International participated in the hugely successful Australia-China Business Week in Shanghai. This important inaugu...

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